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Why Do Our Sims Move So Much?

Our team is consumed with providing our customers the most realistic motion simulation possible. So why does our simulator move around so much? To get the most realistic feel, wouldn’t it just tilt around as much as real car or plane? With unlimited space yes, but in order to simulate the feeling you get when

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The Eleetus Advantage

Part 1: Patented Motion Technology   One of the biggest advantages to Eleetus Motion Simulators is our patented technology.  Eleetus Motion Simulators use electric motors and a unique pivot point in order to produce our unique motion characteristics.  This patented technology produces realistic motion in a system that is engineered to last indefinitely. The load

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Revolutionizing the Motion Technology Industry

Here at Eleetus, we firmly believe that we offer the best value in motion technology.  When compared to competitive products, the Eleetus Motion Simulator provides a vastly superior experience to any other motion technology within the same price class. In the next few blog posts, we will aim to give you a clearer understanding of

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